How it works


For Buyers.

Pendazi is a marketplace for buying unique, diverse and popular products. Pendazi offers the best deals for buyers all they need to do is sign up and then shop various shops in our marketplace and see what they find. We have over 200+ popular brands featured in our store and we offer the best. 

For sellers

Those looking to sell on our platform it is easy and all you have to do is sign up as a seller, once approved, you will be able to list your products for free. We get a commission once your items are sold. You can list one item at a time or you can list items in bulk. 

What We Offer

For buyers, Pendazi offers a marketplace that has unique and quality products and we monitor to ensure that products sold are unique, authentic and of great quality. We guarantee satisfaction and offer best returns, please review individuals sellers policy on shipping and returns. We are available via chat and email and phone 24/7 for questions and assistance.

For sellers, we offer a marketplace where one can sell with no hassle of paying high fees, We also give buyers the following advantages

  • Unique marketplace to sell your products
  • Secure checkout and safe marketplace
  • Low Fees
  • Assistance with image taking and products description writings
  • Brand development and discovering on the web and beyond
  • Assistance shipping and storage for minimal fees
  • 1000+ places your products will be marketed online and via mail