Policies & Regulations for PENDAZI

Sellers Rules

The products you offer for sale on PENDAZI must be able to comply with our sellers' agreement, including all applicable PENDAZI policies, and all applicable laws and regulations. Before listing products, make sure that you understand all your responsibilities as a seller.

Prohibited seller activities and listing restrictions

To sell on PENDAZI you may not engage in any of the activities described in our policy on Prohibited Seller Activities and Actions. You also may not list products that:

Policy violations

When we identify a violation of our policies, we take appropriate action, which may include suspending or terminating privilages to SELL on Pendazi

If you see activity that appears to be violating Pendazi rules and policies, you can report it here.

Intellectual property rights owner or their agents can notify pendazi of copyright and trademark infringements here or email support@pendazi.com

Buyers Rules

On our website we expect buyers to abide by the rules by paying for their items on time, abide by feedback expectations and follow returns policies.

Buyers should abide by the proper communications with the seller rules. Messages should be appropriate and with no foul language. Buyers cannot misuse the feedback system and should not engage in any fraudulent activities on our site. Violations of this policies can result in termination of your privilege to use our site.

 Sellers are encouraged to report buyers who don't meet this rules at support@pendazi.com